We are living the toughest times for most of the generations that we know. A pandemic has forced us to stop, stay home, and go back to basics. At The Coca-Cola Company, we have taken on this challenge as we always have: inspiring optimism.

We know that we have to do everything possible to help our coworkers and people; not only keeping businesses and families safe, but also guaranteeing supply at stores and the availability of our products at home.

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According to a study by consulting firm Fundes, the job of neighborhood stores and grocer´s shops represents 40% of foodstuff sales in Latin America. These businesses are the economic power for millions of people in the region, so it is time to support them and buy from them.

That is why the Coca-Cola System, together with trade associations and competitors, has come together to support shopkeepers with the campaign “Mi Tienda Abierta, Mi Tienda Segura” ('My Store Open, My Store Safe’).

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What is ‘Mi tienda abierta, mi tienda segura’ ('My Store Open, My Store Safe') about?

This initiative provides an action plan for store and grocer´s shops owners so they can continue operating during the pandemic, ensuring healthy practices that reduce contagion risks for shopkeepers and communities.

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“Píldoras de seguridad” (Safety Tips) 

To accompany shopkeepers throughout the process of becoming a Safe Store, we have developed preventive information to be shared via WhatsApp through voice and text messages and images.

The aim of these communications is to provide store owners with clear tips on how to reopen their shops or grocery stores, how to receive products from their customers and suppliers, adequate ways to make express deliveries and several safety recommendations for them and their families.