The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly affected our surroundings, but most importantly, our people. 

Since the lockdown started in Trinidad and Tobago, Allan Jackman, an entrepreneur in the events and entertainment business, was worried about those who live in vulnerable conditions and were dependent on their jobs to support the needs of their families.

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He came up with the idea of teaming up with his community and other companies to work together and provide hampers of daily basic necessities to families in need.

“We never expected the big response we got from people to help with goods, with cash to buy the goods, even to do deliveries!”, Allan said in his interview. He was surprised and grateful to all the people who donated and collaborated to make it possible.

Like Allan, there are many other heroes who have made a difference during this crisis and given us hope in our communities. Let’s celebrate our heroes by sharing a thankful post on Social Media with the hashtag #ForTheHumanRace.