Ahead of the start of the 2020/2021 academic year, work is far advanced to improve the drought management strategy and sanitation systems within seven infant and primary schools in Jamaica.

In January, the Sandals Foundation partnered with the National Education Trust to implement a ‘Water Harvesting and Sanitation for Schools’ project to mitigate drought conditions, implement sustainable water harvesting systems and improve sanitation facilities for over 200 children. The activities, that value ascends to more than USD 50,000, are made possible through the longstanding partnership and financial support of The Coca-Cola Company.

Now, as the island’s schools get set to resume classes in a new reality characterized by the global Covid-19 pandemic, sustainable water and sanitation systems are even more greatly needed. 

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“These systems will complement the sustained efforts of teachers and parents to develop healthy sanitation habits amongst children, said Heidi Clarke, Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation. Clean Water and Sanitation as well, as Good Health and Wellbeing represent goals number 6 and 3, respectively of the Sustainable Development Goals for which Jamaica is a signatory and an active partner in implementing.

“The company is delighted to support this initiative; we have a fundamental objective of water access worldwide. We believe that this program delivers access to potable drinking water to a large number of children in the country,"  says Paola Sierra, Public Affairs and Communication Manager Caribbean at The Coca-Cola Company.

Access to clean water and sanitation and health and well-being are vital targets under the Sustainable Development Goals. The Coca-Cola Company and Sandals Foundation’s partnership forms part of a wider water harvesting & sanitation program to install systems in more than 300 schools that have been identified by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information to be in critical need of water storage facilities.