• With the presence of the First Lady of the Republic, Mrs. Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, was presented 'Subscribe to Move, an initiative that seeks to promote active lifestyles and healthy life from educational institutions across the country.
  • The idea was created by Coca-Cola, with the scientific support of the University of South Carolina, USA.
  • In Colombia, seeks to impact 24,000 children between 6 and 12 years in 10 municipalities in seven departments in 2015 to incorporate the movement into their school routine.
  •  'Sign up for Move' is funded by Coca-Cola and its bottler in Colombia, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and is operated by the 'Children's Day Corporation'.

Tulua, Valle del Cauca, July 31, 2015.  Today, with the assistance of the wife of the Colombian president, Mrs. Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, was presented in Tulua, the 'Subscribe to Move, an initiative program seeks to Encourage physical activity and movement in children Between six and 12 years of Educational Institutions. In 2015 This Program will benefit 24 thousand Colombian students from 46 schools in 10 municipalities in seven Departments, mostly in vulnerable conditions.  

In the event of presentation which also was attended by the Mayor of Tulua, José Germán Gómez, members of the educational community of the municipality of Tulua college students, the 'Children's Day Corporation' and private sector representatives, led by the General Manager of Coca-Cola for the Andean Region, Bruno Pietracci, and the President of Coca-Cola FEMSA, Gabriel Coindreau, it noted that the project is an excellent contribution to giving children a comprehensive educational experience.

 'Sign up for Move' is a program that leads to the classrooms the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) say that children and adolescents should be performed at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity, whether to vigorously every day, as a way to prevent obesity and other diseases, and help to better school performance.

It is an initiative created Coca-Cola, with the scientific support of the University of South Carolina in a collective effort to support global efforts to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

" Coca-Cola has a mission to transform the world in a positive way, with real impacts on the lives of people. Sign up for Move is funded by Coca-Cola and its bottler in Colombia, Coca-Cola FEMSA initiative, which provides tools for teachers and students to incorporate physical activity into the classroom, so that they have a more active life, both healthier and therefore happier , "said Bruno Pietracci, General Manager of Coca-Cola for the Andean region.

'Sign up for Move' provides guidance and materials for schools to implement strategies that promote 60 minutes of physical activity per day, as well as guides and manuals which indicate creative ways to encourage physical activity at school and in their classrooms and other spaces.

The municipalities benefited from the program this year are: Candelaria, Caicedonia and Tulua (Valle del Cauca), and Carmen de Viboral Marinilla (Antioquia), Chiquinquirá (Boyacá), La Dorada (Caldas), Dosquebradas (Risaralda), Fonseca (La Guajira ) and Arauca (Arauca).

Coindreau Gabriel, President of Coca-Cola FEMSA bottler of Coca-Cola products in Colombia: " Children today tend to be less physically active, which is not good for their development. That is why Coca-Cola and its bottler Coca-Cola FEMSA engage in the task of promoting active lifestyles and healthy lifestyles that contribute to energy balance required for good physical condition, fostering lasting habits from childhood . "

The program is being they operated by the 'Corporation Day of Children' since February 2015 and, in addition to training educators and support for its implementation in the classroom, are performed quarterly measurements, the results of these are sent University of South Carolina which allows for subsequent analysis and monitoring progress of the program, which will be made public.

" These initiatives generated collectively by the Government, the private sector and academia form a golden triangle essential to achieve real changes in the world, sustainable and involve all stakeholders , "added Pietracci.

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